Family Vacations

Young mother swimming underwater with fun in pool with baby boy and the little girl. Active family lifestyle, and children water sports activity with parents during  summer vacation on tropical resort

Your desire to come together as a family and grow closer to each other is something we honor and hold dear. Families tend to be so busy these days going from work to school, clubs, sports, lessons, parties, and more. Taking a family vacation gives you the opportunity to put those things to the side and spend quality time with your kids, which is something we feel is essential for healthy family relationships. Creating those lifelong memories together is something you will cherish. We believe a family vacation is an investment into those relationships. We would be honored to pull together a vacation that sets the stage for your family to reconnect and rediscover each other in a special way.

How to choose your location

Finding that perfect spot for your family can be an art. Every family is different, and finding something where your preschooler, your teenager, your adult children, and you can all have a great time can seem difficult. Each person within the family has their own personalities and likely defines fun differently. The best way to pick a vacation for your family is to talk to us. Tell us more about each person in your family and their likes and dislikes. As we get to know you and your family more, we can use our knowledge to find something that everyone enjoys.

Here are some tips when picking the destination.

  1. Visualize your perfect vacation. When you close your eyes and visualize your family coming together for a vacation, what do you see? Is it filled with sandcastles and splashing in a glittering pool? Maybe it is on the high seas aboard a cruise ship, with stops in multiple countries, or perhaps you see your family experiencing the magic of Disney.
  2. Scheduling. Oftentimes prices can be lower when kids are in school. This is especially true when it comes to cruises and booking last minute flights. More and more families are pulling their children out of school for a few days for a family vacation. Families will consult with teachers about when the best time to miss a few days in the school year and plan make-up work accordingly. This isn’t ideal for everyone, but it may be worth considering. If this isn’t option, planning early is normally the best strategy for family vacations when school is out.
  3. Time away. If you think you can only get away for a few nights you may want to opt for a destination where the travel time is limited. Getting to and from some destinations can be an all-day affair while others can be a short flight away.
  4. Passports. Consider whether or not passports are needed to get to your destination of choice and if each member of your family has one.