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Few places can evoke superlatives like these epic islands in the Pacific, and little can prepare you for their sheer visual beauty. It's all unique, from hopping marsupials to enchanting cultures, shimmering red deserts to dramatic turquoise fjords. Famous attractions effortlessly blend into your itinerary: the world’s largest reef and monolith, its oldest rainforest, famous movie sets, and a succession of dazzling cities surrounded by nature.


It feels like a surrealist collection, a dozen distinct ecosystems dramatically juxtaposed. But it’s all very real. Don’t expect to find the mundane; this is where you come to feel alive.

Australia’s successful transformation from a wild hinterland to a glamorous nation hasn’t dampened its captivating spirit. The vast untamed land immediately captures the imagination, yet its otherworldly attractions are easily accessible. Just across the Tasman Sea, New Zealand’s unique geological formations expand definitions of natural beauty. The South Island is rugged and astonishing, the volcanic North Island artistic and soothing. Despite the size and scale, both countries always serve up a dreamy intimacy. And despite both countries being on almost every traveler’s bucket list, the experience is never shared or crowded.


Travel in Australia and New Zealand is blissfully authentic, packed full of nuances, and heartwarmingly welcoming.

If you're looking to book an Australian or New Zealand vacation, our travel agents would be happy to help you.


Engage Vacations is the leading luxury travel agency in Round Rock, Texas. We partner with contemporary, premium, and luxury resorts and cruise lines.


We are committed to making the planning process seamless for you, and act as your single point of contact before, during, and after travel. Having traveled extensively ourselves, we put our experience to work for you without additional fees.


Our Round Rock travel agency has certified specialists for Kauai, Island of Hawaii, Maui Nui, Oahu, Fiji, and French Polynesia (Tahiti). We also are certified specialists for Karisma Hotels &Resorts® Palafitos (overwater bungalows), Sandals® Hotels & Resorts, Beaches® All-Inclusive Resorts, and AMResorts®.

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